5 Easy Steps to upload products on Ceelo

Steps to upload products on Ceelo

After registration, and account verification, the next step is how to upload your product, so users can see them on Ceelo App GiftBox for purchase.

Here are step-by-step on how to upload products on Ceelo App
  1. Login to your Ceelo vendor dashboard
  2. Click Add Product
  3. Fill all information required e.g: Product name, Product Category, Price, Gender, Shipping Fee, Number of Stock, Product Description. “Fashion Category contains Product Size” be sure to select available sizes.
  4. “Continue to the next page:
  5. Upload different views of your product image
  • Product Description: Please keep the description clear and clean, do not include, URL, handle, contact name, or phone number.
  • Image Upload: Please keep images clear and clean, do not upload images with defacement such as; Logo, written words, URL, or handles.

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