How to become a Ceelo App vendor

What’s the one thing in the world you can’t live without? For us, it’s Love– love is like food to our soul. Another? Helping small businesses build a thriving brand by connecting them with people who want to spread love through gifting.

We’ve done our research, we’ve spoken with business owners just like you and we understand how much they enjoy running their brands online and… the problems they face too– from data security, and customer loyalty, to SEO mastery, Returns, refunds, and fulfilment

That’s why becoming a Ceelo App vendor is a great business decision, and we aren’t saying this because we’re being biassed, I mean, maybe we are. But what’s the essence of running a business if you can’t make sales and be a part of the greater picture? (whatever your story is).

how to become a Ceelo Vendor
how to become a Ceelo Vendor

Ceelo App lets you sell your products as gifts to Ceelo users. We understand the cost of running a business– marketing most especially. And that’s why we have taken the stress away from you and your brand.

When you sign up as a Ceelo App vendor, we handle the cost of marketing by helping you advertise your products. Doing this lets you: 

  • Get a wider customer reach
  • Enjoy Increased revenue
  • Leverage on Ceelo’s brand to build trust 
  • Setup your business at no cost.

Ready to get started? Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to become a Ceelo App vendor:

  • Go to the Ceelo vendor website, then click on Become a vendor
  • Provide us with all the required information like your full name, email address, phone number, and passwords.
  • After doing that, we’ll send you an OTP to your phone number.

To complete your registration:

  • Go to your Ceelo App vendor dashboard and select “Complete Registration”
  • Provide all required information needed to complete and verify your account.
  • Once we’re done verifying your account you can start uploading your products on Ceelo App. That’s all. 

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