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Withdrawal from Ceelo wallet

You swiped and now you’re paired with awesome people. Everything’s going and feeling good and to make it even better you’ve been gifted cash — we love the sound of that.

You’re ready to withdraw your money but don’t know how to go about it. Easy— as with every other feature on Ceelo (because we’re all for giving you a seamless experience). 

Now, to the main reason you’re here, read on. 

To withdraw funds into your local account, you should have a balance available in your Ceelo App wallet. Any cash you’re gifted from friends or admirers *wink* on Ceelo goes directly to your Ceelo App wallet. Which could be used to purchase gifts for yourself, your match and even others who are not on Ceelo.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to withdraw your cash to your local Account on Ceelo.


  • Select ‘’ Profile” at the bottom navigation
  • On the profile page select “Withdrawal”
  • In the Amount field, enter the amount you want to withdraw
  • To withdraw the amount, click “Continue”
  • See your bank? Select It
  • Enter your account number in the Account Number field
  • Read and accept the User Data Policy – we do this to protect you.
  • Then, click “continue”

Withdrawals are instant. Once you’ve withdrawn your money, you should immediately receive a credit alert message from your bank.

And, Voila! That’s it 

We’re glad you’re having a great time and Ceelo. Also, you can read up on how to gift money to your match on Ceelo.

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